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Powell Insulations are ne of Ireland’s most experienced companies in sustainable Loft Roll Insulation

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At Powell Insulations, located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, we’re experts in the precise undertaking of loft insulation. Our team is brimming with friendly, skilled, and swift workers, who are apt at recommending and implementing solutions bespoke to your home’s necessities. We initiate the process with a completely FREE house call and appraisal to ascertain the ideally sustainable and cost-effective insulation for your property. There is also SEAI Grants available to fund this home improvement project

Insulation is fundamentally about retaining as much warmth as possible within a closed space, and through our home improvement services, loft insulation is a vital application of this elementary principle.

The thoughtful fitting of insulation forms a thermal divide between the loft and the rest of your dwelling, preventing the valuable heat generated by radiators, hearths, and electric blower heaters from dissipating through your roof. Without adequate insulation, this thermic excess simply wafts off into the atmosphere, leaving your living quarters cooler. By opting for loft insulation, you’re contributing toward the UK’s greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Embracing loft insulation comes with a plethora of benefits:

Reduced Heating Bills

A cozier home, even when it's chilly

Lowered moisture

Eliminate worries about wasting heat energy

Enhanced value
to your property

Diminished Carbon emissions

Why Should I insulate my Attic?

On average over a year, an Irish home loses up to 30% of its heat through its roof, if it is not properly insulated. This loss of heat not only costs you money in the form of higher energy bills, but it also harms the environment by increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The SEAI Home Energy Grants programme offers grants to help you improve the insulation of your home through the installation of attic or rafter insulation.

What's included?

Standard attic bundle
  • Loft roll insulation
  • Water tanks and pipes insulated
  • Plumbers walkway to access Water tank
  • Trap door insulated and draught sealed
  • Raised insulated flooring
  • Wooden attic stairs
  • Water tank replacement
  • Roof ventilation

Attic Storage Upgrades

We can fit a raised insulated storage area to maintain as much space as possible for your future storage needs. If the loft roll insulation is compressed it reduces the u value, in order to avoid this we fit rigid insulation underneath the flooring area.

If your tank in the attic is a galvanised tank it will have to be removed and updated, this can all be arranged at the survey stage and be done before we insulate the attic.

Attic Stairs

Our fold down wooden attic stairs are made with high quality timber and their easy fold design make it so much easier and safer to access your attic.

The team can fit an attic stairs in your home on the same day they insulate your attic saving you time.

Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is very important when completing an attic upgrade. Extra ventilation isn’t always needed especially if there is already cross flow ventilation in place. At the survey stage we can assess the ventilation and fit the required roof vents if needed as it’s a SEAI requirement.

Are There SEAI Grants For Attic Insulation?

The SEAI offer grants of up to €1500 for Attic Insulation in homes in Ireland. At Powell Insulation Ltd, we can guide you through the Attic Insulation Grants & help you apply today.

Insulate your attic effortlessly in five steps!

Free Call Out

Before we begin the attic insulation, we will call out to survey the house and check the suitability of Loft Roll insulation and if Cavity Wall is needed. We will prepare a project overview brief at this point. 

Get your Quote

Once we have complied the notes on the project requirements, we will prepare a no obligation quote with a full price breakdown. This will cover all aspects of the work that is needed so no stone is left unturned. 

Grant Application

Once you have received your quote, we will assist you in creating your SEAI grant application. Powell Insulations are approved SEAI insulation installers. 

Place your order

Once we have a date agreed for installation, confirm your order with our team. Materials will be ordered and the lead time to your installation will start.


Once we have a date agreed for installation, confirm your order with our team. Materials will be ordered and the lead time to your installation will start.

Why Choose Powell Insulations

  • Less stressful – Choosing a professional service is a better option than attempting to install insulation on your own, as it reduces stress and ensures a top-notch work quality.


  • High quality – Our highly skilled installers ensure safety and quality of work, mitigating risks like faulty fitting, personal injury and property damage. Their training and equipment make them best-in-class professionals.


  • It’s safer – The installation of insulation can be an unpleasant and hazardous job due to its potential to cause irritation and respiratory issues from inhaling the sharp particles that come off allergenic materials such as fibreglass that may already be present in the home and need to be replaced.


  • Less risky – We ensure that everyone is kept safe by mandating the use of protective gear such as goggles and face masks to prevent particle inhalation and other potential injuries.


  • It’s tidier – Our loft insulation technicians are equipped to conduct a thorough evaluation of your premises a priori to identify any potential risks; furthermore, they are also dedicated to clearing up after themselves and leaving the place neat and tidy.

Benefits of Attic Insulation

Lower Energy Bills

Save up to 30% on heating bills this year!

Eco Friendly

Your home uses less fuel while staying the same temperature.

Cosy & Comfortable

Don't feel the chill this winter, cuddle up on the couch in warmth.

Energy Efficient

With less heat loss, your boiler doesn't work as hard to heat.

Higher BER Rating

Your home's BER rating will improve with better insulation

Moisture Control

Added insulation reduces dampness in your home.

Noise Reduction

Attic insulation adds a layer of sound proofing to your roof.


With 1000's of happy customers, we guarantee a satifactory job for you.

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Insulating your attic can lead to considerable savings on your energy bills. With a High Cost Low Impact upgrade, you could save up to 30% of your energy bills.

To determine the right type of insulation, consider factors such as your home’s design, your climate, how your home was constructed, and the current R-Value of your home. Our experts at Powell Insulation can consult with you to determine the best insulation fit for your property.

The R-value measures how effectively the insulation material can resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the material can insulate. It’s something homeowners need to consider based on their region’s climate and the part of the house that needs insulation.

Common areas that can be insulated are the attic, walls, floors above unheated garages, and in crawlspaces. These are spots where most heat escape can occur in a typical home.

Improper installation of insulation can lead to skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. Some insulation materials also pose fire hazards if incorrectly installed. That’s why hiring professionals ensures that installation is done safely and effectively.

Signs of under-insulation include fluctuating indoor temperatures, high energy bills, and walls that are cold to the touch in winter. If your home has these symptoms, it’s a good idea to get an insulation check-up.

Typically, insulation can last for decades if properly maintained. However, if you notice a significant increase in your energy bills, draughty rooms, or damp insulation material, it might be time to consider an insulation upgrade.

Organise a Free Call Out

If you require further information about our eco-friendly loft insulation service, simply send Loft Insulation Installer your enquiry and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


We can provide advice and recommendations for your sustainable insulation materials over the phone. Unsure which loft insulation you require?

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    "I have had excellent service from Powell Insulation over the years on a number of properties. I have recommended Powell Insulation to friends and family and they have all had the same fantastic experience I have had. Paul and his team at Powell Insulation have provided a professional service throughout all of the jobs."
    David Nolan
    "Perfect service from start to finish. From the moment Paul quoted me for the job to the lads arriving on time on the day to complete the job. We could already notice a difference in the house that evening. Have recommended them to many of my friends and family. Very professional and helpful with the grant paperwork also."
    Joshua Carroll
    "Had Powell insulations in to do our attic, highly recommend them as they did an amazing job , turned up on time , tidy workers, and can feel the difference in the heat in the house already.

    Would 100% recommend to family and friends."
    Barbara Donnelly