Insulating homes all over Leinster

Passive Fire Protection

Fire stopping in Dublin and across all of Leinster, Penetration sealing is a fundamental component in the fire safety design of every building.

Why Should have passive fire protection?

Correctly installed and certified fire stopping systems restore in fire-rated walls and floors the gaps caused by the installation of cables, pipes and ducts for air-conditioning, electrical and communication systems.

By restoring effective compartmentation, fire stopping systems contain the fire at source, limiting the risk to lives and property.

Installation Information

Powell Insulations Ltd ensures the correct use and installation of the world’s leading fire stopping and penetration sealing products. It also provides the most comprehensive and hassle-free solution for full certification and BCAR compliance.

We use the full FSI-UK range of products including sealants, fire batts, wraps, sleeves & collars.

We also install

  • Rockwool fire-pro system Fire Barriers above suspended ceilings.
  • Siderise RF cavity barriers under raised access floors for compartmentation.

    All our work is recorded on the ArcTechPro App which is widely used by most leading Fire consultants & Architects in the country.